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Rights of Fathers for the Child Custody Schedule and Agreement

Fathers must ensure that they are represented in the custody agreement and schedule that develops after a divorce or separation. Here is some advice for fathers who are making a schedule and agreement.


There are too many custody situations where the father doesn’t get adequate time with the children. This can happen because the father doesn’t know his custody rights, because the mother isn’t willing to work with the father, or because the father doesn’t play an active role in making the custody and visitation schedule for the child custody agreement. Overall, the children are the ones who are hurt by spending less time with the father. If you are a father, here are some suggestions for getting a fair schedule in your agreement.


To begin with, you need to know your rights as a father. You are a parent to your children, and you have an equal right to custody and visitation as the mother of the children. Too many fathers think that the mother has more of a right to custody, so they merely accept what the mother says and hope that she gives them fair time in the schedule. Don’t take this view. Recognize that you are important to the children and you need to be involved. Come up with ideas for a shared custody schedule that you can show the mother, be vocal about the expectations that you have for the schedule, think about your child and focus making a schedule on what the children need.


If the mother of the children isn’t willing to work with you, you need to be prepared to fight for your schedule and custody agreement. Depending on your situation, you can do a few different things. You can suggest that you and the mother go to mediation. This helps most people figure out a joint custody visitation schedule, and even if it doesn’t, the judge will recognize that you have tried to cooperate with the other parent. Most courts look favorably on the parent who is trying to cooperate. You can also prepare a case for court and/or hire an attorney.


Be prepared to hire an attorney for your case, especially if the mother has an attorney. Many times the mother prepares for a custody battle by hiring an attorney, and the father doesn’t know that he is about to be attacked. This results in the father not having a say in the custody agreements. You need to be prepared for any situation, and that includes a custody dispute.


The entire custody procedure can be exhausting. You need to focus on the children to remember the reason why you are involved in the situation and to help motivate you. Everything will be worth it when you have a custody schedule that allows you to spend quality time with your children.


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